Generate the purest water.

Safe, cheap, unlimited, forever.

Water from air

Your E30 Atmospheric Water Generator (AWG) simply extracts pure drinking water from the air that you breathe

Whatever your water need

There is a model to suit your demand:

• from 30 liters per day for Home & Office

• to 10,000 liters per day for Industrial use

• or even enough for a small city

Get pure water where & when you need it

Whatever the reason: extreme weather, natural disaster, civil unrest, or simply a plant or infrastructure breakdown.

A containerised self-powered, Atmospheric Water Generator with integral packaging plant is the ideal solution

Water is our most precious resource

Save the planet one bottle at a time

Sadly single use plastic water bottles are a significant contributor to plastics pollution. In 2016 over 165 million metric tonnes of plastic bottles (that’s over 480 Billion single use plastic bottles) were made, but less than 10% are ever recycled.

We want to help you to:

Lessen your impact on civil infrastructure. Reduce your contribution to global plastics pollution. Reduce your consumption of valuable of Natural Resources. Have a continuous, reliable, ecologically sustainable source of the purest drinking water on Earth.

Covering New Zealand, Australia and the South Pacific region, Vital Aqua Ltd is based in the ‘City of Sails’ – Auckland,  New Zealand. We specialise exclusively in ECOLOBLUE™ Atmospheric Water Generators (AWG); to bring a sustainable new source of the purest drinking water into your Home, Office, or place of work.  We can even help if you are mobile or completely off the grid.

An ECOLOBLUE™ Atmospheric Water Generator from Vital Aqua Ltd will achieveall this, quietly, efficiently, effectively, and economically.

What is AWG?

See it in use